Wheel balancE & alignment SERVICES

At Peel Valley Tyres, we are dedicated to getting your vehicle back on the job as soon as possible.

With the use of our fully equipped off site field service vehicles, we can provide you with safe and timely tyre replacement or repairs at a roadside breakdown or even at your property.

No matter how big the job may be, from B Double Trucks and Tractors to Medium Loaders and Forklifts, you can count on Peel Valley Tyres for your next tyre emergency.

Wheel Balancing

At Peel Valley Tyres we highly recommend our wheel balancing services as balanced wheels are essential for safe driving. Wheels that are out of balance will reduce road holding abilities and also increase wear on your shock absorbers, struts, suspension and chassis components.

Our perfectly balanced wheels will give you the assurance that you can keep control of your vehicle when things get critical.

For more information, get in contact with us through our contact us page or call us directly on (02) 6765 6600 to speak to one of our friendly team members.

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Wheel Alignment

The Corghi Exact 7 is a state-of-the-art Wheel Alignment system fitted with eight sensors and two high resolution cameras for optimal precision for your next wheel alignment service.

For more information, get into contact with us through our contact us page or call us directly on (02) 6765 6600.

Peel Valley Tyres offers the latest in wheel alignment technology with the Corghi Wheel-Alignment System Exact 7. The precision made, Italian, Corghi Exact 7 has been developed for all vehicles in mind with over 20,000 vehicle settings logged into their windows operated database system. From cars and 4WD’s to light trucks and RV’s, Peel Valley Tyres can guarantee that your vehicle will be covered.

Wheel Alignment Benefits

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Money Saving

With perfectly aligned wheels you will notice improved mileage for your vehicle and a more even wear on all your tyres, resulting in less spent on future tyres.

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Less Vibrations

Wheel alignments ensure of even wear of your tyres which results in less tyre related vibrations during the life of your tyres.

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Improved Fuel Economy

With aligned wheels, you can expect improved fuel economy of your vehicle, resulting from less rolling resistance of your tyres.

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Better Steering Response

You'll notice a better steering response from your tyres as the entire tread of the tyres are in contact with the road surface.

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Safer Driving

As a result of aligned wheels, your vehicle will be safer to drive as it will be less likely to pull to the left or right unaided.

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