Peel Valley Tyres offers comprehensive machinery and agricultural tyre services designed to keep farm equipment operational throughout the year.

Specialising in a wide range of agricultural tyres, we cater to various machinery needs, including tractors and trailers. One of our standout services is the off-site tyre fitting, which ensures minimal downtime for farmers by bringing expert assistance directly to your location. This service is essential for maintaining productivity in agricultural operations, enabling farmers to manage work without the hassle of transporting heavy equipment for tyre services.

Our extensive selection of agricultural tyre brands ensures that customers have access to durable and reliable options suited for different terrains and machinery requirements. Whether it’s for plowing fields, transporting goods, or other farm activities, Peel Valley Tyres provides the right tyres to enhance performance and safety.

The convenience of mobile repairs is particularly beneficial for rural and remote areas where accessing tyre services might be challenging. Peel Valley Tyres' commitment to delivering on-site support helps minimize disruptions and keeps farming operations running smoothly.

We also offer various other services such as new tyre installations, wheel balancing and alignment, tyre repairs, and mobile repair services. This comprehensive approach ensures that all aspects of tyre maintenance and service are covered, providing a one-stop solution for all agricultural tyre needs.